Lesson Plan - World War II - Headlines in the News Illustration

WWII, Headlines in the News
Lesson Plan

Directions for Teachers: Preface this lesson with a review on chronological order. Prepare a timeline as a handout with blocks of time marked. Below the timeline, list the "headlines in the news" listed below. (You may wish to preface this lesson with the lesson World War II - Leaders in the News.)

Give your students a copy of the timeline you have created. You will also need to give your students information or a place to get the information they need to arrange and explain the headlines. Direct students to work in small groups or alone as the information sources available to your students dictates.

Directions to Students: First, using the information found on the web, in your textbook, or in other sources as available, arrange the following headlines in correct chronological order. Then, write a short 2-4 sentence explanation of what happened to generate these headlines. Be prepared to present your findings to the class.


Poland falls after three days of blitzkrieg (lightening war.)

Franklin Roosevelt elected, promises relief for America

Ethiopia surrenders to Italian forces

Japan invades China

Mussolini new leader of Italy

Winston Churchill new Prime Minister of Britain

France Surrenders

Adolf Hitler new Chancellor of Germany

Japanese attack Pearl Harbor

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