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World War II
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Mr. Donn's Lessons for World War II

Leaders in the News, lesson plan

World War II: Headlines in the News, lesson plan

World War II: Neutrality, lesson plan

World War II: What can a nation do to protect its interests?

World War II: Hiroshima

The Homefront

The US Home Front in the US (mini unit, Donn)

During the war, women went to work (videos, lesson plans, cleared for copyright use in the classroom)

Japanese Internment

Homefront - Children of WW2 (uk)


The Holocaust

The causes and global consequences of World War II

World War II in the Pacific and the End of the War

A Passport to WWII and the Holocaust

Teaching Persuasive Speaking and History with Documents: Declaration of War on Japan and Justice Will Be Done

Foreign Policy of Franklin D Roosevelt to the entry of war UNIT

Japanese American Internment - Lesson Plan, World War II

Leaders in the News

Headlines in the News

World War II Political Cartoon - Primary Resources, Outstanding site

WWII - Political Cartoons, lesson plan

Neutrality, National Interest, Hiroshima

World War II (BBC)

Voices of WWII (documentaries, interviews with veterans, videos, lesson plans)

World War II Unit (Henry Schools)

Understanding World War II (TeacherLink)

World War II Revisited

For Kids

The Holocaust for Kids

World War II for Kids

Welcome Home (an original short story by Dorothy Scalzo - segregation, WW2)

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The Holocaust (horrifying, so well done)

More powerpoints about the Holocaust

Free powerpoints about WW2

World War II, free iPad and iPhone apps