World War II - Propaganda Posters Illustration

World War II
Propaganda Posters

Propaganda is a technique. The purpose of propaganda is to persuade a targeted group into believing something or doing something in order to benefit someone (and that someone may not be you!) Propaganda is designed to influence our opinions, emotions, attitudes and behavior.

Here are some examples of propaganda posters used during World War II across America. The purpose of these posters was to get people at home behind the war effort, and emphasis what people should and should not do to help - to save and sacrifice.





Interactive: The power of propaganda in World War II (pbs)

Unifying a Nation World War II (food is a weapon, plant a victory garden, do with less, and more)

And, for comparison: Propaganda use during World War I

Propaganda: Propaganda designers, including those who work for governments, have been putting messages into television commercials, news programs, magazine ads, posters and billboards, and other things we read and see for years.

Propaganda Techniques for Kids: Take a minute and learn how propaganda designers attempt to persuade you. If you agree with the obvious messages (and hidden messages) that's fine. But do not be tricked! Once you understand the techniques of propaganda, you will see examples everywhere, everyday!

Propaganda Lesson Plans for Teachers:

  • Small Group Activity: Break into small groups. Using the link to propaganda posters provided above, pick one propaganda poster. Discuss how the poster makes you feel. Then, as a group, answer three question about the poster you selected: Who does this benefit? Why did they do that? According to whom? Be prepared to present your poster and answers to the class.

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Propaganda PowerPoints

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